Georgian – Art Nouveau

The Georgian Era is normally defined as including the reignsof King George I, II, III and IV covering 1714 to 1837 (with the sub era of TheRegency 1811 – 1820). Fireplaces from this period were that of grandproportions and typically designed a complete focal point of the room.

This look was achieved by using cast iron register grates and grand fire baskets to create large fireplace openings; these were accompanied by intricately designed solid wood surrounds and marble fireplaces. Your typical antique Georgian fires urround or antique cast iron register grate from this period would include designs such as hand carved; or in the case of cast iron ‘cast’ medallion, urn or swag features. 

Art Nouveau is a particular period in time in which an international design movement swept the world covering the years of the early 1880’s to 1914 (although most popular in the 1890’s to 1905). For the fireplace industry this was an exciting time, never before seen designs were created, new styles were manufactured and previously outrageous ideas were now the fashion.

A typical antique fireplace of this period is easily sorted from the proceeding Victorian and Georgian period fireplaces, these designs were very organic incorporating more floral and plant inspired motifs, as well as highly stylised flowing curvilinear forms. This Era in design history is such an important step and by many is classed as the ‘bridge’ between Neo-classicalism and Modernism.

Our cast iron antique fireplaces and antique fire surrounds are a tribute to this era in time; we have professionally restored them to such a standard as to compliment this revolutionary movement in design history, and we take great pride in displaying the work of these great designers in its truest form.